Because I know the frustration of wondering why I was working so hard, but not getting the success!


I'd done well in the corporate world and started my business with high hopes.  But despite working as hard as I could, and all the hours I could, it wasn't happening. 

My business wasn't growing.  I was earning less than minimum wage and not able to pay our bills.  I was near burn out. 

I kept asking myself "what was I missing?"

It all felt so hard... Why could others do it, but I couldn't???


I'm a wife, mum and The Time & Money Coach. 

Helping determined, heart centred business owners build amazing businesses with incredible incomes,
without sacrificing time with their loved ones, by clearing what is holding them back at a soul level

Because it's not greedy to want more. 
Sacrifices aren't necessary. 
And most important of all, you can enjoy the journey!

My Core Values


My everything!  I want to create the best life for my kids, inspire them to follow their true path, whilst having fun with them!


We don't know how long we've got, so let's make every day count!  I have ambitions, but I also want to enjoy the journey!


Financial, Time, Location!  It's why I started my own business in the first place and it's what I love helping others achieve.


 To the outside world, I had it all!  I was a high achiever and had all the things that went with that!

But that's not how it felt to me!

It felt like as hard as I worked, as determined as I was, what I really wanted was always just out of reach...

It felt like to be as good as others, I had to work twice as hard!

In 2011, I lost my beautful Aunt (my best friend and surrogate big sister) to cancer, after her 20+ year fight, and I realised I needed to change things.  Knowing she had less time than most, my Aunt made the most of her life... and I realised I wasn't.

A couple of weeks later, I became a Mum for the first time....

So armed with my new found desires, I created my first business!

My intention - to create my best life, through my business!

But it didn't quite go the way I planned...


The struggle continued! 

I worked on my mindset, but it was never quite enough.

As hard as I worked, my business success felt out of reach!  So I worked harder... and harder.  My determination to make it work was BIG!  I made the sacrifices I thought I had to make.   I was "all in"... or so I thought.  Actually, I wasn't all in, I just thought I was!

It was digging deep into the inner work, that changed things.  It started with mindset, but I went deeper than that.  It was about connecting my heart, mind and soul, reprogramming, healing and aligning them for success, that led to the succcess that had been elusive for so long!

I now work school hours in a business that is growing fast, creating an amazing life for my family, enjoying time and the money I earn with them.

But most importantly, I'm helping other beautiful women to do the same!

If you're ready ditch the frustration, go deeper
and make the magic happen...

More than a business coach

I work at the very heart and soul of you, to create the transformations that opens you to be the powerful business owner you were born to be.

If you've tried mindset and it's not given you the results you hoped, then it's time to go deeper.  As an empathic healer, I help you connect to your heart and soul, as well as reprogramme your subconscious, to create the transformations that unlock your divine prosperity.

No more following other's on how to do things;

Create a business that is uniquely designed for your strengths 

Design strategies that mean your business grows with flow and ease. 

Develop plans that align with your soul desires

Live the life of abundance and prosperity!

Because you have it within you, we just need to unlock your power!

I have offical qualifications too...

Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development Qualified

Certified Transformational Breakthrough Coach

Master Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/"Tapping") Practioner

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practioner

"I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sam’s services as even after one session she enabled me to believe in myself and see that I can fit the business around my life and be at home for my children. Sam is hugely professional but at the same time she puts a lot of passion into what she does, having taken the journey herself. She can relate to every step that we are taking and she does it with genuine compassion."


Julia Nesbitt

"Since we’ve worked together I have manifested money and work from places that I didn’t expect: I have started teaching in lots of schools and foresee that continuing, with Sam’s guidance and encouragement I was able to ask for way more money for a project than I would have, I have had funding granted for lots of classes whereas all I had thought I’d do was run my own courses with x amount of participants. Sam helped me believe in myself and what was possible for me."


Katie McGreal