From Frustration to Freedom

If you're feeling the frustration of success taking a long time.  Seeing others achieve and wondering what you're missing, when you feel like you're doing it all, then it's time to stop looking at the external elements of business.  It's the deep inner work that you need to do.  This is more than mindset, this is about shedding the layers of doubt and connecting to your soul, to create the person you were meant to be...

Because it's not about WHAT you're doing, it's HOW you're doing it.




It's wasn’t long ago, I nearly gave my business up...
I love it now, but it hasn't always been an easy ride!
It all felt such hard work.  So much to do and success was slow.  It was far from freedom!  Others were achieving big things easily, what was I missing?  It was like a jigsaw puzzle, but I couldn’t work out the missing piece.
Fast forward to today, when I have a membership, group coaching programmes, beautiful one to one clients and a membership, I make money most days.  With the added bonus that I work school hours and get to enjoy my weekends with my hubby and kids!

If I can do it, so can you!

Create your Freedom...

I know how impactful coaching has been for myself and my business and I believe it making ti accessible to all, so I have created a range or options to support you in your journey from Frustration to Freedom...

Self-Study Options

Masterclasses, EFT, Mediations, my book and modular courses, you'll find what you need to help you help yourself to step up!

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The Prosperity Circle

For accountability and consistency, surround yourself with beautiful, ambitious, heart-centred business women who want to rise together.
Every month, join together to learn... with masterclasses, EFT, Mediations, Planning workshops and Social Medial Planning workshops, there's so much to help you!
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Group Coaching Courses

One to one, off-off, group courses and programmes, if you're ready to ditch the frustration, let's talk!

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Sense where you are...

The first step to any process, is knowing where you are.  And my favourite way to do this is through Journalling.  Click here to access my FREE guide to Journalling, along with 30 Prompts for Kick Ass Focus!

If you've tried unsuccessfully with journalling before, that's ok.  This is different...  try it, what have you got to loose? 
It's free!

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I'm Sam. Wife, Mum and
The Time and Money Coach.

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Time is the most precious thing we have.

That's why I focus on helping you make the best use of your time to grow your business fast and enjoy life...

After losing my beloved aunt (also my best friend and surrogate big sister) to cancer, it made me realise how precious time is... and how much we waste!

It's why I left my senior HR role for a global teleco and became a Certified Transformational Breakthrough Coach, NLP Practioner and a Master EFT Practioner.

After coaching senior managers in corporate to build multi billion dollar businesses, I now work with business owners to value themselves and their time, to make more money and have more fun!

It's time to stop "trying" and instead dig into the inner work to make it happen!

"I love Sam's understanding and calm personality that makes you feel like you’ve known her forever, while her great energy picks up the entire zoom session and helps you stay positive even when tough situations come up and she helps you see through the fog of stress.."


Mekhala Singh

"I love Sam's energy and her honesty! She is truly genuine and you can feel that she wants for you the best, that you succeed,that you truly change your mindset and lift your business to the highest level."


Erika Simon-Augustyn

"I just want to say a BIG BIG BIG BIG thank you to Sam! After a coaching session with Sam last week I went away and actioned some of the things we had talked about, even though I have been hesitant. I find it hard to be confident about what I do but this week I finally did it. I organised myself, got my brain into action …… and I just got a large order wohoooo!!!


If you’re in two minds whether to sign up to Sam’s sessions or courses  just do it! I think she has magical powers"

Julia Nesbitt